Over-Targeting – A Big Risk For The Advertising Industry?


The key to selling products to consumers is a successful advertising strategy. After all, if no one knows about what you’ve got to offer, how do you expect them to spend their hard-earned money with you?

But there’s a delicate balance to strike between showcasing your goods and services to your chosen demographic and saturating them with ads to the point where they no longer have any interest in what you’ve got going on.

Don’t believe us? Have a read of this new report from Kantar revealing the extent to which consumers are starting to grow tired of advertising… you might find it really quite illuminating.

Apparently, 56 per cent of consumers in the UK take umbrage with over-targeting, while 55 per cent would describe themselves as apathetic towards advertising – up from the 53 per cent seen in 2018.

Think about how often you’re posting your ads here and there… 73 per cent of those asked said they see the same content repeatedly, with just 11 per cent saying that they actually enjoy advertising.

CEO of Kantar UK & Ireland’s media division Mark Inskip said: “If brands and advertisers are going to rebuild – and retain – the trust of their audiences, we need to see more responsible use of data across the industry.

“By adopting an integrated approach, balancing niche targeting capabilities with mass marketing tactics, brands can provide consumers with a helpful, additive experience.”

It seems that brands are yet to receive this message, however, with the latest report from the Advertising Association and WARC revealing that ad spend is forecast to grow by 4.8 per cent, with a 5.5 per cent rise projected for 2020.

So maybe it’s time for you and your organisation to have a bit of a rethink about how and where you plan to target your consumers if you want them to continue spending their cash with you.

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