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Everything Everything – Bad Friday 

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 UK art-rockers Everything Everything have announced a new album Raw Data Feel, the follow-up to 2020’s Re-Animator. Along with the news is a lead single, “Bad Friday,” 

Special thanks to Garden Studios for facilitating this project in their studios in Park Royal.

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James Arthur – Emily (Official Video)

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The story begins with James holding an ultrasound scan backstage, showing the moment he discovers he’s going to become a dad right before going on stage. Real-life concert footage features throughout as we get a glimpse into the high life of a rockstar ( think private jets, hot tubs and hotel rooms.)

It’s not all glamorous though, James also calls attention to lonely moments on the road when he goes home to an empty tour bus or drinks alone in a bar. Despite that, the music video is most certainly a love story – to both his expecting partner and his future daughter Emily. It’s packed full of steamy PDA throughout, with dark-haired model Laura Mae Bowes acting opposite him.

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Jack Savoretti – Who’s Hurting Who

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Today, UK singer/songwriter Jack Savoretti returns with his irresistible new single “Who’s Hurting Who” — a disco-fueled pop track featuring the legendary Nile Rodgers. “Who’s Hurting Who” is the first release from Savoretti’s forthcoming album Europiana, due out via Capitol Records on June 25.

Co-produced by Rodgers and Mark Ralph (Tove Lo, MARINA), “Who’s Hurting Who” arrives as a gloriously upbeat piece of soul-pop, perfectly showcasing Savoretti’s alluring vocal presence. With its dance-ready grooves, glistening guitar riffs, and lavish string arrangements, the song fully embodies the elegant escapism of Europiana, an album Savoretti describes as “the music of my childhood summers, remade for today.” But despite its undeniably fun spirit, “Who’s Hurting Who” also bears an intense emotional power. “It’s my take on the great Kris Kristofferson’s song ‘Nobody Wins,’” Savoretti reveals. “About behavior I’m all too familiar with, but hopefully is behind me. It’s a serious song in shiny packaging.”

The official video for “Who’s Hurting Who” will premiere soon, complete with a cameo from Rodgers. “Nile brings groove, glamour, and chic that is everything that Europiana is,” says Savoretti of his collaborator.

The seventh full-length from Savoretti, Europiana serves as the follow-up to his gold-certified album Singing to Strangers: a 2019 release that marked his first #1 on the UK album chart and earned praise from such outlets as The Telegraph (who hailed its “heady love songs mixing lush orchestrations with a tight, electric band”). This time around, Savoretti recorded at the famed Abbey Road Studios with leading producers like Cam Blackwood (London Grammar, Florence + the Machine), approaching the album with more confidence and imagination than ever before. “Singing to Strangers was my first album that wasn’t all about me, which I loved,” Savoretti says. “Europiana pushes that further. There are more characters and bigger concepts. I’m looking out at the world, not inwards.”

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Greentea Peng – Nah It Ain’t The Same (Official Video)

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Greentea Peng is back with her first single of 2021 “Nah It Ain’t The Same”, which also arrives as the first taster of her highly-anticipated debut album MAN MADE. “Nah It Ain’t The Same” follows December 2020’s “Spells“, and features production from Earbuds (“Revolution”, “Hu Man”).

Greentea Peng revealed via Instagram that the new single is the first track to be lifted from her debut album MAN MADE. The new single is accompanied by a video directed by Machine Operated.

Greentea Peng writes of her album on Instagram, “Thank you to everyone who helped bring this together. It’s been a real process forming this album, a real trip. I’m so excited to begin this rollout, I have sooooo much music/ energy to engulf you with its wild. But I’ll start with this. Hope you enjoy it.

Deliberations of a (hu) man subject to the pendulum swing, a reflection of my utter confusion and innermost conflicts/contradictions amidst these shifting paradigms. Always LOVE, always mushrooms. PEACE.”

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Bakar – 1st Time

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Bakar returns with his first new music in over a year. The London artist has releases a new single./video for “1st Time.” Bakar continues to work on a new album, the follow up to Badkid, his 2018 debut album, will be released in 2021. The “1st Time” is accompanied by a video by director Hector Dockrill, famed for his work with Jorja Smith, Ray BLK, and Skepta among others. Produced by Bakar and longtime collaborator Zach Nahome, “1st Time” is set to build on the global success of 2019’s Will You Be My Yellow? EP and its standout sleeper hit “Hell N Back.”

Much of Bakar’s music pays tribute to classic songwriting, full of warmth and wordplay. However, Bakar’s is an undeniably contemporary take, in part informed by his first-generation British experience (“I make black music. We’re hip hop kids – everything comes from that place”) and a network of likeminded global collaborators and peers: whether collaborating with Kenny BeatsDominic Fike and BENEE or absorbing knowledge from the likes of Skepta, A$AP Mob or Virgil Abloh. In contrast, he hasn’t had a phone for two years so he can always be focused on songwriting rather than social media, instead of spending his time writing songs on the move, whether on the tube or walking the streets. “1st Time” is a perfect example of his unique approach: bursting with originality and uninhibited by nostalgia.

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Kelsey Lu – Morning Dew (Director’s Cut)

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A few months ago, LA musician Kelsey Lu put “Morning Dew” out into the world — the first single since the release of their debut album BLOOD over a year prior. Featuring Isaiah Barr from Onyx Collective on the saxophone, and originally written while Lu was living in an old leather factory in New Jersey, the beautiful song is apparently one of their all-time-favourites.

Last week, Lu shared a 360 degree projecttied to the song, featuring three American Sign Language speakers — Leila HanaumiNatasha Ofiliand Joey Antonio— translating its lyrics. Today, we’re shifting focus to Lu’s physical interpretation of “Morning Dew” in a solo performance shot in London by Harry WheelerNo Tricks and Chris Alborano. The result, which we’re premiering below, is an intimate portrayal of Lu cloaked in soft, warm lighting that ebbs and flows with their expressive movements. Dressed in a ruched look and a pair of thigh-high boots, Lu spins to the music, hypnotic and free.

“There are many versions of oneself, multi-dimensional universes inside of your body and yet, only one You,” Lu says of the video. “If you wander inside that place, what can you find? Star Ancestors. Flowing through you, not new information, but memories. Following cosmic guidance.”

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Jack Garratt – Old Enough

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British singer-songwriter, musician and, yes, dancer Jack Garratt released his second studio album last week.

Called Love, Death and Dancing, from the first listen for me it was obvious that, unlike Garratt’s (beautifully done) debut album that seemed to have been recorded to please his record company and his fans, this one was created by and for Garratt himself.

Each song sounds massively personal and, while the songs as a whole don’t flow particularly well into each other, especially as they are arranged in a different order depending on the medium you listen to them on, I like that.

After all, nobody’s life ever flows well at every turn, so I have never understood why we expect songs about different emotions to do that either?

‘Old Enough‘ is one of the best songs. Not only because the song is about being at an age where the success of love is more likely, and God knows many of us will be happy when we get there, but also because ‘Old Enough‘ comes with a music video that has utterly gorgeous choreography.

Choreography that seems to have been specifically created for our crazy age of ‘social distancing’, considering the video is Jack Garratt dancing with himself, a coat and a coat rack and creating something hugely emotional while he does.

Listen to and watch Jack Garrett’s ‘Old Enough‘ music video and don’t miss listening to his new album Love, Death and Dancing all the way through below too.

It is an even stronger release than his first and proves Jack Garratt only gets better with age.

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Jack Garratt – Doctor Please

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Jack Garratt has been reckoning with himself for his entire life

“I believe that my goal, and my journey in life, is to accept and love the things I hate about myself – to love that part of me that hates me,” the 28-year-old shares, chatting with me from the floor of his studio. “If I can’t do that, [then] that voice in me is so strong, and it’s so consistent, it will overpower me. The only way I can control it is to accept it for what it is and ask it what it needs from me to be able to get through the day.”

It’s a loaded statement – this idea of accepting oneself for who he is, flaws and all – and it’s one Garratt proceeds to unpack layer by layer, both in our conversation and throughout his newly-released second studio album. Released June 12, 2020 via Island Records / Interscope Records, Love, Death & Dancing is a remarkably compact work of art for what it is. The artist’s follow-up to 2016’s debut album Phase – for which he won both the BBC Sound of 2016 poll, as well as the BRIT Awards’ Critics’ Choice Award – is relentless and indefatigably intense in its expression of self-reflection and self-discovery. Jack Garratt plummeted into his darkest depths, and while he didn’t plan for it to go that way, Love, Death & Dancing is sort of his redemption story, telling the tale of how he fell and climbed his way back up.

While “Time” is a deserving lead single, it is not the sole focal point on the record: Whether you’re bathing in the sweet, cool light of “Mara,” the turbulent tranquility of “Doctor Please” (“If home is where the heart is, mine’s falling down… but a sign outside in your handwriting says that it’s alright not to be okay“), or the raw and transparent aching of “Circles,” the record soars with a life and light of its own.

Garratt’s debut album (and its associated accolades) cast a tremendous shadow over his mental health and emotional state, but he has come out from under the specter of Phasevictorious – an assertive, self-assured, more confident version of himself than ever before.

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Jack Garratt – Circles

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Jack Garratt releases ‘Circles’, the third single from his second album ‘Love, Death & Dancing’. The track was premiered by Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1 and follows his headline virtual performance for the station’s annual festival Radio 1 Big Weekend.

Jack is also excited to share details of a special longform album visual, ‘Love, Death & Dancing: a film by Jack Garratt and Tom Clarkson’

Shot as a visual accompaniment to the album of the same name, it was co-directed by Jack and Tom Clarkson in January 2020 and is made up of eight standalone music videos.

Jack is the sole performer throughout the film (in homage to his live performances), and as the videos for ‘Time’ and ‘Better’ have already attested to, it finds Jack dancing throughout. Partnering  with choreographer Olivia Lockwood to create a one-man routine for the ambitious film, Jack describes his second album as, “dance music for people who don’t want to go out,” so a one-man dance film resonated with his statement. As has been widely documented, the making of this record for Jack was fraught with, issues of confidence and disengagement with his own talent.

Jack: “I spent about a month choreographing and rehearsing each of the 8 pieces with Liv Lockwood, and I’m so proud of the work we’ve done and the art that we’ve made.

There is no resolution to any of these songs. No questions are answered, no notion or ideas are explained, because they don’t have to be. The visual album was initially planned to be a one-shot film, but turned out to be a complete piece, forming a perfect loop all together.”