Could Drones Be The Future For TV And Film Production?


New technology is enabling us to do ever more exciting things when it comes to many aspects of our lives. But some new pieces of technology are proving particularly helpful in TV and film production.

A recent article for Variety explored the future of drones, noting that they’re already being used by many production companies in the US to scout locations.

Since 2014, drones have been cleared for use in film and TV production by the Federal Aviation Authority in the US, but one supervising location manager believes they have applications beyond filming where cranes or aircraft are impractical or unsafe.

Speaking to the publication Mike Fantasia, who’s worked on movies such as Spider-Man: Homecoming and Top Gun: Maverick, explained he uses drones to help scout locations and plan for shoots, but can see their use increasing.

“I can see a drone hoisting a light into the night sky, replacing a crane or manlift, or holding a silk to block or temper the light on a sunny day,” he stated.

Earlier this year, the Edinburgh Evening News revealed that the Film Edinburgh commission, which handles all requests for filming in the city, had released new guidance for TV and movie production companies following a surge in requests for shooting in the city.

One of the highest profile movies to shoot scenes in the Scottish city was Avengers: Infinity War, the news provider noted, with these scenes taking place at night and requiring lighting rigs as well as drones.

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