People Engage Most With TV Ads On Sundays


Sunday is the day that people are most likely to engage with TV adverts, new research has found. Net Imperative shared the findings of research from, a radio and TV analytics platform.

It found that adverts aired on a Sunday are 17 per cent more engaging than adverts run on any other day of the week. Monday is also a good day in terms of generating engagement among viewers, while Wednesday to Friday were named as the days when adverts receive the least engagement.

There has also been a significant shift among advertisers in terms of when they’re running their TV commercials. 70 per cent now run outside of a peak-time slot, the news provider noted. 

When in the ad break your advert is screened is also important in terms of consumer engagement. The research found that the first commercial in an ad break gets the greatest level of engagement.

According to the organisation, linkable web traffic for this first ad spot is 50 per cent higher than at any other point during a commercial break. Brands also don’t have long to get their message across.

The research also found that adverts that are around 15 seconds long are most likely to lead to viewer engagement. That means you need to ensure your commercial has impact quickly, and that consumers know exactly how they can interact with your brand once they’ve watched it.

The market for advertisers is changing and regulators are continuing to introduce restrictions. For instance, a UK ban on gambling adverts during televised sport shown before 9pm will come into effect from the start of the Ashes cricket series, which begins on 1 August.

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