Zaeem Jamal

Zaeem Jamal Clothing


Zaeem Jamal is an innovative, unique and progressive luxury British eveningwear brand.

Combining the finest silks, expertly handcrafted detailing and individually selected semiprecious gemstones in vibrant, mood enhancing colours, each dress collection is stunning both aesthetically and philosophically – ‘a design alchemy in motion’.

Zaeem Jamal himself is a visionary, who sought to blend the world of fashion and spirituality to not only offer a wardrobe of clothes, but a wardrobe of experiences.

Each collection stems from deep-rooted research and materializes in the form of cohesively themed, individual stories.

As a budding talent in the realm of evening-wear, Zaeem Jamal is putting his stamp down in the luxury world, providing a special quality and reviving the essence of true craftsmanship generated with pride and passion