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Brotherhood -The End

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Noel Clarke is gearing up to complete his ‘hood’ trilogy with Brotherhood, the follow up to 2006’s Kidulthood and 2008’s Adulthood.img-noel-clarke_1146346448-600x437.jpg“We are really excited to be gearing up for Brotherhood,” said Jason Maza of Unstoppable Entertainment. “Noel has written a script that is as relevant now as Kidulthood was in 2006. It’s a film that we believe opens up a new, younger audience as well as remaining true to original fans of the franchise. We couldn’t be happier to be working with Lionsgate UK, and we are confident that together we will complete our trilogy in a way that builds on the success enjoyed so far.”


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  • Kidulthood was a good now movie and thought the best part of the film the direction, second film Adulthood was purile and Clarke directed himself I believe and subsequent films have also been unwatchable by Clarke. If he is directing this his latest grasp at the limelight advise him to have a director who knows what they are doing at the helm, let him be the ‘star’ of the film and may be it will not be a vacuous film that this desperation sounds it will be.