Ladyhawke | A Love Song

Welcome back Pip Brown! The New Zealand-born, now LA-based singer, who goes by the name of Ladyhawke, first captured our hearts back in 2008 with the synth-guitar shimmy “Paris Is Burning”—which she wrote after seeing the legendary ball documentary of the same name—and it still stands up. It’s the disco-tized chorus and the way her vocals mirror that descending bassline during the verse which is 100 percent strut. Since then she’s released a bunch of perfect pop songs (“Back of the Van” is so Stevie), packaged in two albums, and now she’s back with Wild Things, her first opus since 2011.

Ladyhawke doesn’t rush her shit. She’s also an unlikely solo star. When we interviewed her back circa that first record she was super duper shy, but she did open up about her social anxiety (in fact her second album was called Anxiety), but now it seems the singer’s entered a new phase of her life and her career. She ditched an entire album’s worth of songs because they didn’t feel right, stopped drinking, and married her girlfriend, and this positivity is reflected with current single “A Love Song”—the video for which is pemiering below.

Filmed in a video rental store in Croydon, London, it’s soft focus-tastic: neon lights, permed hair and plastic accessories and Ladyhawke looking gorgeously jubilant in the midst of it. It’s the perfect fit for a song that marries power-pop hooks, stuttering synths and 80s sparkle.

“The basic premise of the video is: a bored video store clerk wasting time talking on the phone has her evening changed when a mysterious figure walks in and leaves a VHS on the counter marked ‘A Love Song,'” explains Ladyhawke. “She puts it in the video player and I appear on the screen singing to her. From that moment on every person that walks in the store she falls in love with! It was a really fun shoot directed by Youth Hymns, and all the extras were amazing and fun to work with!”  

“You’ve opened my eyes to the oldest tale of time,” she sings. Give us some of that happy Pip. This song rules.