Music Video

Northern Lights feat Banger – Mr and Mrs


A twist on a raw indian (Desi) bhangra Music video for Northern Lights featuring Banger. Our mission was set out to create an edgy, non conformal Bhangra music video which encompassed a dramatic contrast effect using speed. The high energy track dominates the dance floor with its high tempo beats and we wanted to coincide this energy with very distinct speed ramps from 400fps.
The storyline follows a domestic situation between a husband and wife which ultimately results in a standoff with the indian matchmaker trying to create harmony. Unfortunately pride and emotions are too high for the couple and a conclusion is made.

This video is only used to demonstrate The Frame Labs abilities in the production of this video. We do not claim to own the video or prosper from it financially or otherwise. The Frame Lab was employed to produce this video on behalf of Organised Rhyme Records Ltd who are also the proprietary copyright owners.