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Love, Death & Dancing – A Film by Jack Garratt and Tom Clarkson

Jack Garratt Releases New Album “Love, Death & Dancing”: Streaming

British singer-songwriter Jack Garratt released his sophomore album “Love, Death & Dancing” via Island Records on June 12, 2020. It is his first LP in four years. 
The album contains 12-track including preceding six singles “Better”, “Get In My Way”, “Mend A Heart”, “Time”, “Mara” and “Return Them To The One”. 
Produced by Jacknife Lee and James Flannigan. Jack Garratt said of the album, “The album was written from the point of view of someone who has a functioning sadness, who has had his day-to-day depressions and anxieties that have influenced the decisions he’s made. The album is about that functionality, that day-to-day battle, conversation, tug of war. We’re making a film at the moment, to go with the whole album. The premise of it is that it’s me in the back rooms of my mental health, on my own, interpreting the album. The one thing it needs to do is for the very last shot to be exactly the same as the opening shot. Because this battle in my head is cyclical, infinite; it’s a line of consistency, a time loop that’s just going round and round and round.”

Also, the album is accompanied by the film of the same title. He filmed it with Tom Clarkson in January 2020 . 
“I spent about a month choreographing and rehearsing each of the eight pieces with Liv Lockwood, and I’m so proud of the work we’ve done and the art that we’ve made. There is no resolution to any of these songs. No questions are answered, no notion or ideas are explained, because they don’t have to be. The visual album was initially planned to be a one-shot film, but turned out to be a complete piece, forming a perfect loop all together.”