Music Video

Kelsey Lu – Morning Dew (Director’s Cut)

A few months ago, LA musician Kelsey Lu put “Morning Dew” out into the world — the first single since the release of their debut album BLOOD over a year prior. Featuring Isaiah Barr from Onyx Collective on the saxophone, and originally written while Lu was living in an old leather factory in New Jersey, the beautiful song is apparently one of their all-time-favourites.

Last week, Lu shared a 360 degree projecttied to the song, featuring three American Sign Language speakers — Leila HanaumiNatasha Ofiliand Joey Antonio— translating its lyrics. Today, we’re shifting focus to Lu’s physical interpretation of “Morning Dew” in a solo performance shot in London by Harry WheelerNo Tricks and Chris Alborano. The result, which we’re premiering below, is an intimate portrayal of Lu cloaked in soft, warm lighting that ebbs and flows with their expressive movements. Dressed in a ruched look and a pair of thigh-high boots, Lu spins to the music, hypnotic and free.

“There are many versions of oneself, multi-dimensional universes inside of your body and yet, only one You,” Lu says of the video. “If you wander inside that place, what can you find? Star Ancestors. Flowing through you, not new information, but memories. Following cosmic guidance.”