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Freesat – Customer Testimonials Shoot


Freesat Shoot

Neil from Hatfield

Neil works in I.T., loves watching programmes like Doctor Who and Luther and dancing around the house to Freesat’s music and radio channels.

“Freetime is great as it means I can use the Roll Back TV Guide to watch something I’ve missed, even if I haven’t recorded it. ”

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Michael from Manchester

Michael is a fitness fanatic, has two kids and loves watching programmes like Planet Earth in high definition.

“Freesat allows us to save some money and go out as a family with the children.”

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Pam & Tony from Scarborough

Pam and Tony have been together 47 years, they like walking on the beach and playing board games. Their favourite thing about Freesat is how easy it is to use.

“It’s really easy for Pam to record programmes and it actually works too, which never happened before we got Freesat.”

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Rachel from Christchurch

Rachel’s an accountant and likes walking her dog and playing outside with her daughter. She appreciates the control that her Freesat+ HD box gives her, so interruptions don’t spoil her favourite programmes.

“My husband and I have got very different tastes in programmes, with Freesat+ he can record his favourites, so I don’t have to watch them.”

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David from Alton

Hot tub salesman David spends a lot of time travelling, so he loves the fact that his Freesat+ HD box records all of his must-see series for him to watch when he gets home.”The benefits of Freesat are that it doesn’t matter if I’m not at home, I can record my favourites so I never miss an episode of Emmerdale.”


Neil from Seaton

Neil spends a lot of time entertaining his young son, who is a big fan of Peppa Pig. His guilty pleasure is X Factor, but with over 180 TV and Radio channels he’s never short of something to watch.

“Freesat gives me more time, because I can watch TV when I want to watch it.”

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Helen from Birmingham

Helen’s an archaeologist. Her favourite programmes include The Big Bang Theory and Time Team.

“When I come home from work I enjoy sitting down with the cat and doing some channel hopping, there’s always something to watch.”

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Alexis from Northampton

Cafe owner Alexis loves baking cakes with his daughter in his spare time. He enjoys watching the horror channel and was one of the first people to buy a Freesat HD box. Five years later it’s still going strong.

“What attracted me to Freesat was the fact that it’s basically free and it’s got everything you need in one box.”

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