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Investigation Discovery Ident

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There are two sides to every story. This split-screen series of idents, airing in 140 territories, reveal two angles of a crime scene and invite the viewer over repeat viewings to piece together the clues.
This series of idents invite you into the twisted ID world: making you analyse and question everything they see. With each scenario, there is a plausible explanation: maybe that car has just run out of petrol; maybe someone is going to return with more grocery bags at that open front door. But take a closer look, maybe it’s not so simple…
Unlike any other genre, ‘crime’ is defined by its dualities (good/evil, guilty/innocent, suspect/victim, etc). These idents showcase two angles of a crime scene using spit screen. A 15 degree image spit references the angle on which the channel logo sits, and subtly brands the imagery ahead of a final logo resolve. The overall effect pieces together multiple aspects of the crime to uncover the truth.
Client Discovery Networks International
Agency Discovery Creative London
VP of Creative Robin Garnett
Creative Directors Lee Healy, Matt Brown
Director Sam Dunn
Producer Rauf Bayraktar
Director of Photography  Serge Teulon
Gaffer Chris Georgas
Art Director  Ros Cumberland
Post Production Company UNIT



Music Video

Sasha Siem – So Polite

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Irrum silences Sasha… Director Irrum racks up the odd factor in Sasha Siem’s left-field, ranting So Polite which sees the singer being grabbed at by multi-coloured limbs…


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Andrea Peng
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Music Video

Liars – I’m No Gold

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Liars - I'm No Gold Liars have shared the video for “I’m No Gold”, which is taken from this year’s Mess. Directed by Laurie Lynch, it shows the band’s Angus Andrew shaking his head in slow motion until he can shake no more. Check it out below.

“I’m No Gold” will be released as a single on November 4 via Mute. It’ll come with a handful of remixes as well as two new songs, “Poison Bender” and “At the Mercy of Her Mind”.




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Troy may look like an ordinary 24 year old, but he’s one of the UK’s most impressive magicians. Explore Troy’s world and watch in awe as he uses everyday objects and situations to amaze unsuspecting members of the public. In this brand new series, the magician brings his baffling abilities to the streets of London. In Camden, we find Troy in a vintage store handling some very expensive glasses and messing with the mind of a shop assistant. Next, he sees if fortune cookies can tell the future as he makes a Chinese food stall holder choose a cookie to open – with astounding results. In a pub in East London, a group of girls regret giving him their picture when he destroys it, but are staggered by what happens next. And the finales don’t disappoint: when a passer-by offers to give Troy £5, he repays him in a way he and other lucky passers-by will never forget. With his distinctive blend of close-up magic and spectacular stunts, Troy will make jaws drop as he shakes up the magic world.


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Salvage Hunters

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Drew is back!

One of Britain’s leading decorative salvage dealers, he returns for a new series to scour the country for weird and wonderful objects. There’s nothing he won’t buy and with help from his wife Rebecca,   sidekick Tee and his team of renovators, he transforms thousands of items from junk to gems.

Keep watching Salvage Hunters as Drew and Tee follow up on some lucrative leads. Upcoming episodes see Drew visit the largest collection of nautical salvage in Devon; some of the finest antiques he’s ever seen at Chillingham Castle in Northumberland; a Catholic girls’ school selling off many of its hidden treasures; and Drew discusses business over a game of croquet at Shropshire country house.

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