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Crawlers F*ck Me – I Didn’t Know How To Say

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Liverpool risers CRAWLERS return with new single ‘F*ck Me (I Didn’t Know How To Say)’.

The band have signed to Polydor, and their second major single could be their most uncompromising to date.

A gnarly rocker with a killer chorus, ‘F*ck Me (I Didn’t Know How To Say)’ delivers a knockout blow, matching super-stylised songwriting to a real sense of catharsis.

Dig a little deeper, however, and you’ll find lyrics that play with risk and daring, with Holly Minto chasing to reveal aspects of her relationship with her own body.

‘F*ck Me (I Didn’t Know How To Say)’ deals with trauma and recovery, with Holly commenting: “Fuck Me (I didn’t know how to say)”’ is a song very personal to us as a band. The song covers two ideas behind sex. First the trauma and disgust after sexual assault, and then the idea of how at the time of writing it I haven’t felt loved and only used for my body and for sex rather than the love I really wanted at the