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Shed of the Year

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George clarkes Micro Designs 1 Caravan

Recent research has revealed that Britain is a nation of shed-fanatics with 65% of adults now owning a shed and the average shed owner spending over a year of their life in their prized shelter. In fact Brits love their shed so much that 6% would like to be buried in them.

George Clarke and his small space master craftsman William Hardie, architect Laura Clark and industrial designer Max McMurdo will be following Britain’s prestigious and fantastical ‘Shed of the Year’ competition sponsored by Cuprinol. Together they’ll be investigating and assessing some of the 2000 entries from across the UK.

The dynamic designer team will be travelling the breadth of the country, poking their expert noses into some of the most incredible, beautiful, extraordinary and size defying sheds whilst meeting their proud and sometimes eccentric owners

From the shed made entirely of shimmering CDS to another built to look like a replica of the HMS Victory. The star gazing shed with an opening roof, could compete against the disco shed which comes complete with its own glitter ball and flashing lights. There are sheds shaped like tramcars, the Tardis and even one that comes with its very own station platform.

Over three shows George and his team will travel to the standout entries they’ve shortlisted in the six of the eight categories. For every ultra-modern eco shed there’ll be old school workshops and rustic cabins. They’ll be invited into stunning summerhouses, sleek home offices, as well as sheds incorporating hidden pubs and the ultimate man cave.

The series will culminate in the three judges along-side Channel 4 viewers making the extremely tough decision on who is the overall winner of Shed of the Year 2014.

Will Daws, Creative Director, Plum Pictures said; “There’s nothing quite like the garden shed that defines the eccentricity and ingenuity of the British public – George and the team are going to have their work cut out to agree on the winning shed from the thousands of worthy entries”

Channel 4 Features Commissioning Editor, Kate Teckman added “this is very exciting competition – all the entrants share the same ethos, a small space is limited only by your imagination. There will also be the chance to uncover just what the hobbiests and eccentrics are actually up to in their hideaways at the bottom of the garden.”

Shed of the Year is 3×60 made for Channel 4 by Plum Pictures.

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