DoPchoice SnapBag M


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The SnapBags by DoPchoice create a large aperture with beautiful soft light and attach directly to the front of Orbiter and are available in two different sizes.
With easy attachment and no additional optical elements needed, the SnapBags allow for a controlled soft light with amazing output. The Quick Lighting Mount (QLM) adapter and four Rabbit-Ears are pre-assembled and thus the SnapBags are setup very quick.

Available sizes:
S – approx. 80 x 60 cm / 30 x 24″, 50 cm / 19″ deep M – approx. 120 x 85 cm / 46 x 33″, 80 cm / 31″ deep

Provides controlled soft light and amazing output

Professional grade construction for fast setup

Attaches to the Quick Lighting Mount (QLM) on Orbiter

Contains digital optics identification

Includes SnapBag with circular Rabbit-Ears, magic cloth, carrying bag

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