ALL-IN 1 Colour Gaffer KIT


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Can you imagine a filmset without LED lights anymore? Proba­bly not. The industry is changing and LED lights became a major deal in the workflow. Most people go for LED lights on their sets and we understand why and how they choose their gear. This is the reason for our endless journey to provide the best LED light sources for the industry. You need just the best of the best and none less. Today is the day we are introducing the brand new Aladdin ALL IN 1
The Aladdin ALL IN 1 is the result of innovation and feed­back from the community. By using Aladdin products you are part of the ALL IN 1 journey and helped us create an ingenious light panel for you. Starting with an incredibly compact built-in dimmer on the back of the panel. Less weight, easier handling and much more solid than previous generations.
Light Source
Super high CRI Power LED’s (50W Bi-Colors / 20W RGB)
CRI 97 / TLCI 97
Beam Angle
APP Control
IOS / Android
AC/DC 12-15V / 90-240V
IP Rating
Panel IP32 / ALL-WDIM IP24

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Weight 1.8 kg