As Matoma gears up to release his sophomore album, he drops off the next single from the forthcoming project. “Lonely” featuring MAX is a bouncy tropical jam that is sure to evolve into a party anthem. The song is a follow-up to the emotional “Slow” featuring Noah Cyrus, which was released back in February.

“‘Lonely’ is a song about fake people that aren’t there for you and bring you down with their negative energy,” explains Matoma. “I get my energy all the time from the amazing fans I meet, but I also have low points like anyone else, from the industry politics, fake people or whatever else has negative energy. I also think when people hear this song they will relate it to their own experiences, because everyone has ups and downs. But it’s always important to take that negative and make it something positive.”

In regards to working with MAX, Matoma says: “There are just two words I can say about working with MAX: holy moly! This guy’s energy is insane! He’s not just an amazing artist and writer and singer but also a performer. I’m so pumped to have a song together and can’t wait to perform it with him at festivals this summer.”

It seems the sentiment is also shared by the “Lights Down Low” singer: “Working with Matoma is such a dream. His energy and passion are infectious and he just knows exactly what he wants when we create together which makes it so much more exciting. Such a joy to be able to dive deep into the meaning of this song. The people that are there for you in trenches are the ones you want with you when you are basking in the glory and that’s what this song is all about. Avoiding those fake people who just want to jump in your life with things are good.”