French Actress Joséphine de La Baume recounts ‘The Night Before’ | Mr. Burberry | British GQ

“The Excuse” features French actress Joséphine de La Baume. Set in London’s Hotel Café Royal the morning after ‘The Night Before’, the film follows Josephine as she recounts meeting a mysterious man on the plane the day before, providing a fictionalised yet intimate window into the events that led to her waking up in a beautiful hotel suite.

In partnership with Burberry for Mr. Burberry ‘The Night Before’ films, celebrating female actresses, have been shot by female director Sara Dunlop, whose film Dreamlands has been nominated at the Cannes film festival. The series features leading ladies like Game of Thrones and X-men star Sophie Turner as well as French actress Josephine de La Baume. The films provide a fictionalised, but intimate, window into how these actresses spent ‘the night before’.